Skopelosnews; a blog about life on Skopelos. 

To start the blog Skopelosnews was my idea, Daphne Jaeggi  Chliverou. I am Dutch and have been living on Skopelos since 1996. I am married to Jannis who was born on Skopelos. He is a carpenter and we have two children. I am a librarian but I have been working in a real estate office based in Skopelos town the last 12 years. Before that I worked in tourism on Skopelos for about 10 years. This first job brought me to many places on the island and that is how I got interested in all aspects that make Skopelos such a special place, a place to dream about.

I also made contact with many different people and nationalities.

I started the blog in January 2011. I always wanted to write about Skopelos but when I was asked to stand for council member in November 2010 I heard from many people that information about what is going on Skopelos, is very difficult to acquire. Most of the announcements are in Greek and written on posters and pieces of paper glued on walls of buildings.

I thought that via the blog anybody that is interested in “news” could read it. And so I started. I write what I like, what I love about living in Greece on a small island and what I think you should know about Skopelos.

I am not trying to be complete. I write because I enjoy it. The blog is for everybody on or off the island. Click here: