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Hi, my name is Daphne Jaeggi Chliverou and I am Dutch. I live on the island Skopelos in Greece with my husband Jannis and we have two children. I worked in the real estate business for about 11 years before I started Skopelos Dream Properties about a year ago.

I love Skopelos and its inhabitants and I work hard to find that special space for people who love Skopelos too.  I speak Greek, Dutch, English and German and I understand some French and Italian.  See here for translations in those languages. My focus is on the Skopelos town and the area’s around it like Stafylos, Raches, Pevkias, Mourtero, Loutsa,Panormos etc.

Email me at daphneskopelos@hotmail.com.

You can reach me on (0030) 6947568210 and on whatsapp/viber)               




This is Rania Panagiotou my partner and a Skopelos native, she covers the part of the island around Skopelos's second town, Glossa where she was born. Included is also Loutraki, old Klima dn Elios. Rania is known locally as Mrs Fixit as there is no problem to which she doesn't have the answer!  She knows the areas like the back of her hand and, everyone who lives here too...  Rania is married and has two children. She speaks Greek, English and some Italian. Her email address is raniapanagiotou@yahoo.gr You can reach her on (0030) 6979777830. She is also on whatsapp and viber