Waterfront estate in Elios

Property number 218

This is an unique property with privacy and direct access to the beach of Elios.

The property is 17.716 m2

The access to the property is at the top and a road leads all the way down to the beach of Elios.

On the estate, there are three villas:

Villa 1: with four two-room apartments

Villa 2: with five two-room apartments

Villa 3: with two three-room apartments- (plus auxiliary spaces, such as a small office and a storage area

In front off the beach, there is a 100 year old building for which a license to renovate has been issued and three more studios can be created in addition.

The main usage of the estate is tourist rental during the summer period.

There are several advantages to this property, such as absolute privacy for guests (private road and access to the beach) as well as the possibility to further expand and invest in building a hotel by the sea ( coverage of 20% of the estate).

The nearby village of Elios is well organized as a tourist destination, with hotels and studios, restaurants and other amenities.

Price: euro