Spacious house with outside space

Property number 2

This spacious house has a terrace and a courtyard. It is situated not far from the harbor of Skopelos. You can enter the house from two different streets. At the front of the house you enter the courtyard and the second kitchen with a small w.c. Another outside door in the courtyard leads to the ground floor bedroom and w.c. You can use these rooms as a separate apartment.  Via the outdoor stairs you enter the terrace and the the second kitchen and the big living room which is divided in living and dining area. The next floor has two bedrooms, a study and a bathroom. The big bedroom here has a balcony.

The house is situated in a car free street.

The ground floor is 60 m2. The first floor is 45 m2 the second floor is 48 m2.

The house has two kitchens, three bedrooms,  two bathrooms and a study.

There is a separate apartment and two entrances.

The house has a courtyard, a balcony and a terrace.

The owner will leave behind most of the furniture, white goods etc. except some personal things will be taken.  

Price; euro 178.000